blog | January 23, 2020

Eita Tomar Gaan

My first attempt using an acoustic guitar.

blog | March 18, 2018

My favorite nmap commands

nmap –sT -p- -Pn nmap –sS -p- -Pn nmap –sUV nmap –sX -p- -Pn nmap –sN -p- -Pn nmap –script vuln nmap –script banner […]

git | March 13, 2018

Add Git Branch Name to Shell Prompt

PS1=’\[\033[0;32m\]\[\033[0m\033[0;32m\]\u\[\033[0;36m\] @ \w\[\033[0;32m\]\n$(git branch 2>/dev/null | grep “^*” | colrm 1 2)\[\033[0;32m\]??\[\033[0m\033[0;32m\] \$\[\033[0m\033[0;32m\]\[\033[0m\] ‘ Credit:  

Linux | February 5, 2018

Reset default MySQL root pass in Centos 7

This post is mainly for my own benefit since I lost track of the steps I followed to change the mysql default password in a Centos 7 environment. I am […]

cryptography | October 23, 2017

Cryptography Warm Up – CTF challenge

Here is a starter problem for everyone. Since you will be using computer to break my secret code, I am giving you the encrypted message in many forms: Hex: 0x540x680x65 […]

Steganography | October 23, 2017

Steganography Example – CTF – Chicken Curry

OK, in this Steganography challenge today, I have used one of my favorite dishes – chicken curry. This image was taken in 2013 in Bluefield VA at my house. I […]

wireshark | October 23, 2017

Top 10 Wireshark Fileters

I found this youtube video very useful to learn some of the most common WireShark filters. tcp,port == 443 dns or http ip.addr ip.src ip.dest tcp.analysis.flags !(apr or dns or […]

Steganography | October 22, 2017

Steganography – Hide and Seek – Solve it

CTF lovers, I have hidden a secret message with the image of a “tree turtle” I took almost a decade ago. See if you can solve the problem. The secret […]