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blog | March 18, 2018

My favorite nmap commands

nmap –sT -p- -Pn nmap –sS -p- -Pn nmap –sUV nmap –sX -p- -Pn nmap –sN -p- -Pn nmap –script vuln nmap –script banner […]

Linux | February 5, 2018

Reset default MySQL root pass in Centos 7

This post is mainly for my own benefit since I lost track of the steps I followed to change the mysql default password in a Centos 7 environment. I am […]

Linux | August 31, 2017

Hash Type in Linux Password

A reference table when you review /etc/shadow file: $1$ md5 $2a$ Blowfish $2y$ Blowfish, with correct handling of 8 bit characters $5$ sha256 $6$ sha512   Just stick to sha512 […]

Linux | August 31, 2017

Using and Not using Shadow File in Linux

less /etc/passwd # the command below will destroy shadow feature # and you will be able to view the password with # /etc/passwd file. NOT RECOMMENDED sudo pwunconv # we […]

Linux | August 28, 2017

Linux Run Level Reference

ID Name Description 0 Halt Shuts down the system. 1 Single-user mode Mode for administrative tasks. 2 Multi-user mode Does not configure network interfaces and does not export networks services. […]

Linux | August 18, 2017

Adding users and groups in linux

Adding users: # create a new user sudo adduser wonderfulperson sudo useradd wonderfulperson # udpate password sudo password wonderfulperson # batch add users. vi addmultipleusers # add the test content […]

Linux | July 16, 2017

Bash Line Commands – Most used

Basic Bash commands Crtl+A – move to the beginning of a line Crtl+E – move to the end of a line Crtl+F == right arrow Crtl+B == back arrow Crtl+D […]