Linux | August 31, 2017

Hash Type in Linux Password

A reference table when you review /etc/shadow file: $1$ md5 $2a$ Blowfish $2y$ Blowfish, with correct handling of 8 bit characters $5$ sha256 $6$ sha512   Just stick to sha512 […]

Linux | August 31, 2017

Using and Not using Shadow File in Linux

less /etc/passwd # the command below will destroy shadow feature # and you will be able to view the password with # /etc/passwd file. NOT RECOMMENDED sudo pwunconv # we […]

Linux | August 28, 2017

Linux Run Level Reference

ID Name Description 0 Halt Shuts down the system. 1 Single-user mode Mode for administrative tasks. 2 Multi-user mode Does not configure network interfaces and does not export networks services. […]

Linux | August 18, 2017

Adding users and groups in linux

Adding users: # create a new user sudo adduser wonderfulperson sudo useradd wonderfulperson # udpate password sudo password wonderfulperson # batch add users. vi addmultipleusers # add the test content […]

cyber-security | July 22, 2017

Nessus for Home Users

Nessus is one of the most well known network vulnerability tool available on the market. If you are in the field of security, you should be familiar with the tool […]

cyber-security | July 21, 2017

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment – Find vulnerabilities in a system or network – Better than just a port scanner. – Generally considered to be least intrusive. – Penetration testing / port scanning […]

vagrant | July 21, 2017

Set up a VM using Vagrant

# Install vagrant. #create a directory to work on vagrant mkdir learnPlaybooks cd learnPlaybooks # use vagrant to create a test virtual machine vagrant init ubuntu/trysty64 A `Vagrantfile` has been […]

git | July 19, 2017

Git Stash Commands

Most common commands that I use. Self-explanatory. Save and List Stash git stash save “Some message” git stash list # stash is available to all branches. git stash show stash@{0} […]

git | July 17, 2017

.gitignore file

Ignoring files in git using .gitignore ====================================== create a .gitignore file and put it in the root of a git project. Typically ignore: -Compiled source code -Packages and compressed files […]