git | July 17, 2017

Delete un-tracked files from git

Removing un-tracked files We can use git clean -f to clean up un-tracked files in the working directory. Do a test run to see what files are to be deleted […]

git | July 17, 2017

Changes to Git – Amend

1. Undo changes in the working directory git checkout — unmodifiedFileName # — implies that we are not checking out a branch. Stay on the current branch and check out […]

Linux | July 16, 2017

Bash Line Commands – Most used

Basic Bash commands Crtl+A – move to the beginning of a line Crtl+E – move to the end of a line Crtl+F == right arrow Crtl+B == back arrow Crtl+D […]

git | July 16, 2017

Most Common Git Commands

git branch -b new_feature git branch –no-merged # show the branches that are not merged yet. git merge –no-ff new-feature -m “merge new-feature branch” git branch -D new-feature # delete […]

git | July 14, 2017

Viewing Git Logs

Some common git log comments that I use heavily. # view git logs git log #limit number of logs to show git log -n 1 # last commit git log […]

git | July 14, 2017

Sample initial git set up commands

This is a sample initial git set up commands I use for my projects. git config –system git config –global git config # this is for project basis configuration.   […]

blog | February 25, 2017

MPLS – Networking

Working on MPLS network upgrade project. Found this youtube video really helpful. There are too many long videos on youtube. This one explains the technology in less than 10 minutes. 

blog | February 5, 2017

Redesigning Site

Friends, I am redesigning the site after a long time. I hope to make the site useful to everyone.