Software Engineer and Consulting Hydrogeologist

Ankan basu is a mid-level Software Engineer working at Harmonia Holdings, Inc in Blacksburg VA at present. Ankan worked as a Senior Hydrogeologist for Cardno for 10 years. Ankan enjoys learning and value education the most. He has one Bachelor’s degree, three Master’s degrees and three more associate degrees. He has numerous certification both in the field of geology and in the field of computer science. Ankan found programming very exciting while developing numerical hydrogeologic models with MODFLOW and analyzing complex environmental data with R-programming language. He became a full time software engineer in late 2015.


Ankan believes that education should never stop. He has spent a great deal of time in school. Even when he is working full time, he is always taking new classes to enhance his knowledge and skills. 

  1. Bachelors in Earth Sciences – Jadavpur University, 2000.
  2. Master’s in Applied Science – Indian Institute of Technology, 2002
  3. Master’s in Geochemistry – Georgia State University, 2004
  4. Master’s in Hydrogeology – Virginia Tech, 2006
  5. Associate in Cyber Security, New River Community College, May 2017
  6. Associate in Networking, New River Community College, August 2017
  7. Associate in Information Technology, New River Community College, August, 2017.


Ankan received many prestigious awards in his career. Some of the most significant awards are listed below:

  1. WHO’s WHO among
  2. University Gold Medal in Bachelors of Science, Jadavpur University, India, 2000.
  3. National Scholarship, Government of West Bengal, India, 2000.